Tips for Successful Salary Negotiations

In fatter financial times, many people are less fearful when discussing or negotiating salary.
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Finding Work in a Still Struggling Economy

Finding a job is rarely easy. Oftentimes, job searches can take anywhere from several weeks to several months.
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Getting Started: Making the Most of an Internship

Today's college kids are well aware of the job market that awaits them upon graduation. With an economy still on the mend and unemployment rates still high, college students across the country know that their post-graduation dream job is no guarantee.
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These 10 Gigs Pay Big Bucks

Workers scouring the want-ads in the United States may be interested in finding out which professions are the most lucrative.

While not everyone can be an astronaut or nuclear scientist, chances are that many others could eventually land a high-paying job with the right training and schooling.
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Questions to Consider Before Pursuing an Advanced Degree

Pursuing an advanced degree has long been considered a good career move. While the decision often depends on an individual's field of work, most employers are impressed by applicants with advanced degrees.
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Make a Career Fair Work for You

Opinion often differs as to the benefits of attending a career fair. For every one person who can tell a story of landing their dream job thanks to a career fair, there seems to be dozens more stories of how career fairs don't yield the desired results.

While there's no guarantee a career fair will end up with an employer-employee match made in heaven, there are steps job seekers can take to make the most of a career fair.
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